Ergo72 keyboard

Ergo72 is my redesign of the Ergodox ergonomic keyboard.

Design features:

  • Same key layout as the original Ergodox
  • STM32 microcontroller (STM32F072)
  • MCU in both halves allowing independent operation
  • USB-C
  • All components on PCB, no modules
  • Extension header for OLED screen or anything else
  • Single PCB for both hands
  • QMK firmware supported

Hardware design:

I started out with the original Ergodox PCB design, left the PCB shape and key layout, but completely removed all the electronics.

The Teensy is replaced with a STM32F072 microcontroller.
It’s an amazing part – very cheap, does USB, doesn’t need an external oscillator and even has a USB DFU bootloader in ROM.

I have also adapted the Ergodox acrylic case design by Litster to fit my PCB.

The PCB was manufactured 1mm thick to accommodate the USB-C connector, unfortunately this made me add an additional layer of acrylic support to avoid flex.

Get the PCB and case design here:

QMK firmware: