SMA-Q2-OSS Update: Watchface, weather, music

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I decided to lay my pebble watch to rest, so now I am motivated to make the SMA-Q2 firmware actually useful.

I have designed a new watchface including current weather form Gadgetbridge. I have also added basic music control support, although the song info is not yet transmitted from the phone. That is because I need to decide on a protocol for transmitting large packets of data.

Along with those updates, I have also improved the current consumption, mostly by redrawing the screen only when it is needed. Consumption now oscillates around 1.5mA which should give about 5 days of battery life.

I can already see I will have to heavily modify the current graphics library (Nrf GFX) or find a better one.

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  1. Ciekawe, bardzo ciekawe. Nie zastanawiałeś się nad jakimś językiem wyższego poziomu?
    np. crystal albo nim?

    W sumie to ja bym potrzebował zegarka i kalendarza.Cos co pozwoliło by mi nie używac komórki.

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